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GLOBAL RACING OIL ULTRA 5 is a high performance mineral fluid with paraffinic bases recommended for lubricating clutches, worm screws, heads, high speed bearings, pneumatic maintenance equipment and bicycle hydraulic disc brake systems. It is highly compatible with seals preventing deformation leading to the possibility of leakage and failure. ULTRA 5 is especially suited for motorcycle clutch circuits in which the bearings have significant spin time and load. 

Examples: Gas Gas: 2004 onwards - Pro, Racing, RAGA and Factory Replica, OSSA TR (all), Jotagas, Jgas models (all), Vertigo Motors, KTM, BMW R1200GS, RT, ST, R, S ( not for use with K1200/1300 bikes 2005 and later, and K1600 bikes)

Compatible with bicycle mineral oil brake systems including Shimano and Magura

Do not use on systems which have their reservoir caps marked “DOT 4 Fluid or DOT 5.1 Fluid”, in these particular applications use brake fluid GRO BRAKE FLUID DOT-4, GRO BRAKE FLUID DOT-5.1 or for racing applications with extreme temperatures, use GRO BRAKE FLUID DOT 4-328.

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