SYNT 10 2T

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GRO SYNT 10 2T is a 100% synthetic lubricant for 2-strokes engines, which offers a high film strength and load-carrying properties. Its synthetic structure ensures maximum protection even in the most extreme racing conditions. Its chemical dispersing system ensures a complete combustion and, at the same time, provides maximum power. The special 100% synthetic base of GRO SYNT 10 2T provides excellent cleanliness and lubricity to keep even the highest-revving engines perfectly lubricated. Avoids carbon deposits and don’t leave sticky residues in expansion chamber, all combustion residues are easily wiped clean. Plug life is greatly extended.

GRO SYNT 10 2T reduces wear, skirt scuffing, improves ring mobility, increases back-pressure in the exhaust, keeps the engine fresh and power output high.

GRO SYNT 10 2T has been designed to avoid environmental pollution associated to 2-stroke engines. It develops an exceptional cleanliness combustion process and reduces smoke emissions. GRO SYNT 10 2T easily dissolves in paraffinic and synthetic oils for use with oil injector systems or premix and direct injection or carburetor. It meets the requirements of Alfer, Gilardoni, Honda, Kawasaki, Mecatecno, Rieju, Suzuki, Yamaha and others.

Specifications:  exceeds  API TC+     JASO FD     ISO L-EGD

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