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GLOBAL RACING OIL SPIRIT 20W50 is a high performance multigrade mineral-based lubricant, which offers maximum efficiency and protection for all types of motorcycles 4-stroke engines, with or without intergrated gearboxes and oil-bathed or dry clutch, liquid or air cooled engines. Engineered for the extreme demands of street and adventure riding hot conditions with variable engine loads and fuel quality. SPIRIT 20W50 is particularly recommended for Harley-Davidson, in which the factory recommends an SAE 20W50 grade oil. 

SPIRIT 20W50 is formulated with the finest mineral bases, exceeds the minimum JASO and API requirements, being specially recommended for engines subjected to severe and intensive use. The JASO MA 2 standa offeres the highest level of friction to guarantee perfect clutch operation in the three phases:  starting, acceleration and maximum speed.  Reduced phosphorus and sulphur content, optimized (according to JASO MA2 <1200 ppm) to ensure the operation and durability of exhaust catalytic converters. The final result is a lubricant that offers excellent anti-wear properties and gives the maximum effectiveness in a wide range of temperatures and maintains overall engine cleanliness preventing the build up of harmful deposits, sludge and varnish.. 


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