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GLOBAL RACING OIL SCOOTER OIL 2T is a synthetic base lubricant developed for the new generation of 2-stroke engines of scooters and small and medium-engined urban motorcycles. Premix system or separated tank. Avoids carbon deposits and won’t leave sticky residues in expansion chamber, all combustion residues are easily wiped clean. Plug life is greatly extended. It develops an exceptional cleanliness combustion process and reduces smoke emissions.

SCOOTER OIL 2T offers high film strength and load-carrying properties, ensuring the protection against tear and wear superior by far to conventional oils. This property keeps the engine fresh and power output high.

  • Minimum smoke emission. It reduces pollution.
  • Better combustion and better cleaning.
  • It does not accumulate carbon deposits.
  • It keeps up the optimum efficiency of the engine.
  • It reduces maintenance costs.
  • It reduces oxidation process 
  • Longer life span of the engine.
  • It offers an easy start-up.
  • Anti-wear properties, increasing the life span of the engine
  • for use with oil injector systems or premix and direct injection or carburetor. 

Specifications:  exceeds   JASO FC     API-TC

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