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GLOBAL  RACING OIL SCOOTER 4T 10W40 is a 100% synthetic lubricant that uses high-performance synthetic bases, especially designed for all 4-stroke scooter engines subjected to the toughest start-stop conditions, in both the city and on the highway.

SCOOTER 4T 10W40 is formulated with special additives that give it high chemical stability and resistance to oxidation. With a high detergent power, it keeps the engine clean and free from carbonaceous deposits. Its high fluidity allows rapid starts, even at low temperatures.

SCOOTER 4T 10W40 has excellent anti-wear properties that reduce friction, extend the engine’s life and notably reduce maintenance costs. Formulated for all types of situations and climates. Meets the API (American Petroleum Institute) SL specification. It thus exceeds the API recommended by the majority of SCOOTER manufacturers (API SH) by up to three points. 


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