Size: 1 liter
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GRO RACING 15W50 is a high performance 100% synthetic lubricant, which offers maximum efficiency and protection in the sector of motorcycles and quads. 

GRO RACING 15W50 is formulated with the finest and most exclusive synthetic bases, outrunning the requirements of gasoline, being specially recommended for racing engines, or for those having severe and intensive use. The final result is a lubricant that offers incomparable anti-wear properties and gives the maximum effectiveness in a wide range of temperatures.

GRO RACING 15W50 is also recommended for high performance 2-stroke gearboxes.

GRO RACING 15W50 possesses some unique characteristics due to its synthetic formula, having the following characteristics:

  • Perfect fluidity.
  • Very low frost point.
  • Maximum resistance at high temperatures.
  • Maximum protection of the mechanic elements.
  • High viscosity index.
  • Low coefficient of friction

Particularly recommended for Ducati, KTM, BMW, etc., who recommend an SAE 15W-50 grade oil in some of their models.


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