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GRO PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION RACING 10W30 is an ester-based, 100% synthetic, high-performance lubricant for 4- stroke motorcycles. It is especially designed for racing, road, enduro and trail motorcycles, whether or not they are equipped with an integrated clutch and gearbox, and Euro II and Euro III engines with exhaust after-treatment systems. Also suitable for motorcycles without a catalytic treatment system, scooters, ATVs, auto-cycles, etc.

RACING 10W30 is formulated using the finest and most exclusive synthetic bases, thereby exceeding the performance needs of gasoline engines, and it is especially recommended for competition engines or engines subject to severe and intensive use. 100% synthetic base that improves the resistance of the lubricant film to high operating temperatures and very high RPMs.

RACING 10W30 has the following unique properties thanks to its synthetic formula:

  • Low content in phosphorous and sulfur to comply with the latest emissions regulations.
  • Very low freezing point.
  • Maximum resistance to high temperatures.
  • Maximum protection for mechanical elements.
  • Low friction coefficient.


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