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GRO PERFORMANCE OFF-ROAD 2T is a 100% synthetic ester-based lubricant, specially developed for Road Racing Grand Prix, Motocross, Enduro, Trials and Watercraft racing premix engines. Its special formulation guarantees maximum protection in severe racing conditions, ensuring clean combustion and lower wear. The relevant film strength and load capacity of PERFORMANCE 2T ensures perfect performance even under very severe conditions. The strong adherence of the product to the engine parts prevents its centrifugation, due to the effect of high revolutions. This ensures perfect lubrication of the crankshaft and other engine internals.

GRO PERFORMANCE OFF-ROAD 2T incorporates a sophisticated chemical dispersing system that guarantees the cleanliness of the engine, spark plugs and exhaust valves, which remain free of residues while maintaining engine power. The segments are left free in their housings, ensuring perfect sealing and compression.

GRO PERFORMANCE OFF-ROAD 2T ensures spark plug life and performance, used in a ratio between 1.5 and 3%. Overall, a 2% ratio ensures optimum performance for most engines. We recommend following the manufacturer's instructions. Developed for motorcycles with pre-mix or separate lubrication system; satisfies the recommendations of Beta, Honda, Gas Gas, Kawasaki, Metrakit, Suzuki, Vertigo, Yamaha and other manufacturers.

GRO PERFORMANCE OFF-ROAD 2T is engineered to be used as a premix and is easily blended with gasoline and remains stable; it is compatible with most synthetic oils on the market.  For oil injector systems, we recommend you use GRO Synt 10 or GRO Scooter 2T.

Specifications:  Exceeds API TC+     JASO FD     ISO L-EGD

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