ORIGIN 508-509 0W20

Size: 5 liter
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GRO ORIGIN 508-509 0W20 is a high performance 100% synthetic fuel economy lubricant, specially designed for latest generation engines of the VAG group where the VW 508 00 509 00 standard is required. Particularly suitable for the latest VW and Audi high power petrol and diesel engines equipped with post-catalytic converters (CAT) and particulate filters (FAP or DPF) with or without turbocharging. 

GRO ORIGIN 508-509 0W20 is developed according to the latest technology, based on specially selected synthetic base oils and a well-balanced selection of advanced additives to achieve the following properties: 

  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Reduced formation of combustion residues (Mid SaPS).
  • Faster cold start. - Reliable lubrication film at high temperatures.
  • Longer oil drain intervals.
  • Very good detergency and dispersion.
  • Very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming.
  • Dark green colour. 

Standards:  ACEA C5 

SPECS:  VW 508.00 / 509.00 Porsche C20 

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