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GLOBAL RACING OIL MULTILUBE (the artist formerly know as RUST PENETRANT SPRAY) is a multifunctional oil with excellent dissolvent properties of rust, high penetration and lubricant capacity. It is suitable to release oxidized parts such as set screws, stoppers of bearings, gears, pulleys, hinges, cables, etc.  Excellent for cleaning of chains. Unlike other water dispersant oil sprays, MULTILUBE has been carefully engineered so it doesn't evaporate hours later like inferior water dispersant oils. It also has the very pleasant smell of peppermint oil.

note:  While the remaining 2023 inventory of Rust Penetrant Spray lasts, it will be substituted for Multilube.

  • INDUSTRY LEADING RUST PENETRANT oil spray with fine spray straw for hard to reach mechanical parts
  • PENETRATES rusty bolts, seized hinges, motorcycle chains, lug nuts, differential joints and more!
  • WORKS AS A LUBRICANT for: hinges, articulations, small bearings, chains, etc.
  • CLEANS OXIDATED PARTS and removes grease, tar and gunk along with sticky stuff like tar and tree sap
  • EXCELLENT WATER DISPLACEMENT properties, but unlike other water displacing oils, it does not rapidly evaporate leaving lasting lubrication
  • ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION for car parts, chains, metallic ropes, garden equipment, tools, and more!

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