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GLOBAL RACING MOPED OIL 2T is a synthetic lubricant which combines premium base oils and additives especially formulated for 2-stroke engines, injection or premix. Offers a high film strength and load-carrying properties, ensures maximum protection even in the most extreme racing conditions. Its chemical dispersing system ensures a complete combustion and, at the same time, provides maximum power.

The special base of MOPED OIL 2T provides excellent cleanliness and lubricity to keep even the highest-revving engines perfectly lubricated. Avoids carbon deposits and don’t leave sticky residues in expansion chamber, all combustion residues are easily wiped clean. Plug life is greatly extended. MOPED OIL 2T reduces wear, skirt scuffing, improves ring mobility, increases back pressure in the exhaust, keeps the engine fresh and power output high.

MOPED OIL 2T due to its viscosity degree is recommended for all 2-stroke type engines, easily dissolves in gasoline and will not separate in even freezing conditions. Proper mix ratios should be determined by the engine builder for the application being considered.

MOPED OIL 2T is the perfect size to keep under your scooter or moped's seat. Economically priced, the squeeze tube has a measuring side window to assist with mixing.

Available in case of 48 with display box.

Specifications:  exceeds  API-TC     JASO FC

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