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GLOBAL RACING OIL MIX 3 is a lubricant which combines basic oils and additives especially formulated for 2-stroke engines with oil injector systems or premix and direct injection or carburetor. Offers a high film strength and load-carrying properties, ensures maximum protection even in the most extreme racing conditions. Its chemical dispersing system ensures a complete combustion and, at the same time, provides maximum power.  

MIX 3 is uniquely advantageous for small displacement engines such as 50cc and 65cc motocross dirt bikes manufactured by Honda, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Due to its viscosity degree, MIX 3 is recommended for all 2-stroke type engines, easily dissolves in gasoline and will not separate in even freezing conditions. Proper mix ratios should be determined by the engine builder for the application being considered with typical ratios in the range of 50:1.

Specifications:  exceeds API-TC     JASO FC

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