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GLOBAL RACING OIL KART 2 is a very special lubricant for 2-stroke engines. 100% synthetic oil with the addition of Castor oil yields the most advanced 2-stroke racing oil with extremely high film strength and load-carrying properties. Its synthetic structure ensures maximum protection even in the most extreme racing conditions. Its chemical dispersing system ensures a complete combustion and, at the same time, provides maximum power. KART 2 is specially engineered as a premix for GP Rotax, Aprilia, Parrilla and PKD engines that operate at sustained extremely high RPM’s.

The special base of synthetic esters of KART 2 provides excellent cleanliness and lubricity to keep even the highest-revving engines perfectly lubricated. It avoids carbon deposits and won’t leave sticky residues in expansion chamber, all combustion residues are easily wiped clean. Plug life is greatly extended. KART 2 reduces wear, skirt scuffing, improves ring mobility, increases backpressure in the exhaust, keeps the engine fresh and power output high.

KART 2 has an exclusive formula which allows utilization in proportions from 1,5 to 5% of gasoline. In order to obtain optimum efficiency it is recommended a mixture of 2% for most of the engines. Proper mix ratios should be determined by the engine builder for the application being considered. KART 2 easily dissolves in gasoline and will not separate in even freezing conditions. It is also mixable in the majority of other synthetic oils on the market. 

Specifications:  exceeds  API TC+     JASO FD     ISO L-EGD

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