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GLOBAL RACING OIL GXS ULTRA+ 5W50  Tri Ester technology yields the highest performance in extreme conditions of operation. 100% synthetic formula, it is engineered with special synthetic ester bases to achieve a superior formulation. The final result is a lubricant that imparts incomparable anti-wear properties.

GXS ULTRA+ 5W50   gives the maximum effectiveness in lubricant of the highest performance at medium and extremely low temperatures and is one of the most versatile lubricants on the market.  It has extremely high lubricant film resistance of which the combination of the synthetic bases and the exclusive additives offers the highest protection against wear, achieving a lubricant film resistance 5 times superior to the one of conventional engine oils. GXS 5W50 ULTRA+ Tri Ester technology creates a very low friction coefficient resulting in a higher operation effectiveness, excellent acceleration power, as well as fuel consumption reduction.

GXS ULTRA+ 5W50  is fully developed and tested in the lab but more importantly proven in racing competition.  It is engineered for all engines, diesel and gasoline, with or without turbo compressor having severe and intensive use.

API SN ACEA A5/B5 MB 229,3/229,5/226,5 RENAULT RN0700/RN0710 VW 502/505 PORSCHE GM-LL-A-025/GM-LL-B-025 PSA B712296 FORD WSS-M2C913-C

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