GXS 5W30 C-4

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GLOBAL RACING OIL GXS 5W30 C-4 is a specially formulated 100% synthetic LOW SAPS engine oil to exceed compatibility requirements with gas treatment systems of all manufacturers (EGR, DPF or FAP) where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA C-4.

GXS 5W30 C-4 is specially designed for Renault and Nissan group engines equipped with particulate filter requiring RN0720 spraying, MB vehicle engines requiring the specification MB 226.51 and Renault OM 607 and in general, engines of all types of vehicles that require ACEA C-4 quality and incorporate DPF-FAP particulate filters Recommended for all types of service and especially in severe conditions.

GXS 5W30 C-4 has the following properties:

  • Low content of sulfur, phosphorus and sulfated ash extends the life of catalysts and particulate filters ensuring their optimal operation
  • Collaborates in the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Passes the severe oxidation test required to meet the demanding API SM specification
  • Excellent detergency, dispersance and anti-wear properties.

API SN / CF (Compatible with ACEA C1 and FORD WSS-M2C913D) ACEA C4-12

Exceeds quality level requirements of ACEA C4 MB 226.51/229,31/229,51, RENAULT RN0720

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