GXS 5W30

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GLOBAL RACING OIL GXS 5W30 is 100% triple ester synthetic low saps technology lubricant for gasoline and diesel engines, specially engineered for Volkswagen group engines according to VW 504.00/507.00.

GXS 5W30 is specially formulated to meet the most recent low emission exigencies respect Euro IV standards in Diesel and gasoline engines. Developed for the new generation of VW vehicles equipped with exhaust gas treatment (DPF).

Properties and advantages: 

  • Low viscosity at low temperatures that ensures excellent cold start. Keeps an extraordinary film strength at high temperatures.
  • Exceptional detergency, dispersancy and anti-wear properties.
  • Its low content in sulfur, phosphorous and ashes increases filter lifespan and reduces environment emissions in a superior value than other conventional lubricants

ACEA: C3 MB: 229,51 VW: 504/507 BMW: LONGLIFE 04 PORSCHE : C30

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