GXS 5W30

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GLOBAL RACING OIL GXS 5W30 is a100% synthetic motor oil with specially formulated ester technology engineered to exceed the requirements for compatibility of all manufacturers gas treatment systems, both three-way catalysts (TCW) and particle filter (DFP or FAP). Recommended for all types of high performance, state-of-the art gasoline and diesel engines, normally aspirated or turbocharged. GXS 5W30 is specially engineered for Volkswagen group engines according to VW 504.00/507.00.

GRO PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION GXS 5W30 has the following advantages:

  • Low viscosity at low temperatures ensures excellent cold starts.
  • Sustains extraordinary film strength at high temperatures that prevents wear and engine damage.
  • Exceptional detergency, dispersancy and anti-wear properties
  • Low content in sulfur, phosphorous and ash increases filter lifespan and reduces environmental emissions in a superior value compared to conventional oils

    ACEA: C3 MB: 229,51 VW: 504/507 BMW: LONGLIFE 04 PORSCHE : C30

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