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GLOBAL RACING OIL GTS 30 AIR REPAIR  is a specially developed product for the self-repair of punctures en route. Indispensable spray for all types of motorcycle specialty whether Enduro, Cross, Trail, or Road. It offers a total guarantee based on the synthetic composition of the liquid rubber, which when in contact with the air chamber of the wheel, swells automatically providing a perfect seal.

GTS-30 AIR REPAIR has the following properties:

  • Presented in spray of easy application and self-inflating
  • Decreases the risk of puncture- can be used as a pre-sealant
  • Offers greater security in all types of trips
  • It has a small size for easy placement at any point of the motorcycle or luggage. - Does not attack any type of material
  • non flammable, non-toxic and eco friendly. 
  • works on tube or tubeless motorcycle tires

GTS-30 AIR REPAIR is a handy motorcycle flat tire fix !

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