GS-3 TDI 15W40

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GLOBAL RACING OIL GS-3 TDI 15W40 is a conventional (semi-synthetic) multi-grade oil for gasoline and diesel engines, whether normally aspirated, turbocharged or compressed, under the most severe working conditions in passenger cars, transport vehicles and vans. The broad oil weight yields excellent performance in a wide atmospheric temperature range, especially with temperature drops when parked at night combined with extreme work loads during the service day.

GS-3 TDI 15W40 has been designed technologically to bring the following results:

  • High thermal stability, allowing work at high temperatures
  • Broad oil weight which facilitates the cold start of the engine and it improves the lubrication process in cold and hot temperatures
  • It prevents sludge formation and deposits. Low ash content
  • It prevents cylinder sleeve deterioration
  • Very resistant to tear and wear, it ensures a longer life span for engines
  • Superior antioxidant, anticorrosive, antirust and antifoaming power
  • High cleaning – dispersion capacity

API-CF4/SG/SJ/CG4 ACEA A2/B3/E2 MB 228.1/229.1 MAN 271 MTU Type-1 Volvo VDS

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