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GLOBAL RACING OIL GS-3 DIESEL 15W40 is a special multigrade lubricant for turbocompressed or atmospheric diesel engines. Due to its special additive package it shows a high cleaning and dispersion capability. Specially designed for engines working at high loads and extreme temperature conditions. (Heavy Transport, Public Works Machinery and Marine Engines). Compatible with EURO I, II and III. 

GS-3 DIESEL 15W40 has been engineered to have the following properties:

  • High thermal stability, allowing work at high temperatures
  • Superior quality. It facilitates the cold start of the engine and it improves the lubrication process in cold and hot temperatures
  • It prevents sludge formation and deposits
  • Low ash content
  • It prevents cylinder sleeve deterioration
  • Very resistant to tear and wear, it ensures a longer life span for engines
  • Superior antioxidant, anticorrosive, antirust and antifoaming power
  • High cleaning – dispersion capacity

GS-3 DIESEL 15W40 is not compatible with Diesel engines utilizing ERG (exhaust recirculation gas) valve, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), DFP (Diesel particulate filter) or DEF (Diesel exhaust fluid) systems.


MB 228,1 – MAN 271 – VOLVO VDS – MOCK EO-K/2 – MTU TYPE1 ACEA E2 – DEUTZ DQC-1-02

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