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GLOBAL RACING OIL GLOBAL WASH SHAMPOO is a liquid detergent which can be applied directly and allows the easy removal of any type of dirt from all the parts of the vehicle. Its high capacity of cleaning allows maintenance of a perfect cleanness without too much effort, including stains, grease and mud. GLOBAL WASH SHAMPOO has been designed with a special mixture of detergent and tensoactive (biodegradable concentrated degreasing) agents of high effectiveness, with extraordinary results without affecting any element of the motor. Unlike other strong degreasers, it will not penetrate bearings seals and damage the bearings. It can be applied by spraying all over the engine. In dirtier places apply the product diluted in water.

GLOBAL WASH SHAMPOO has the following advantages: 

  • It can be used directly on the wet vehicle, not being necessary the preparation of the mixture or dilutions.
  • Used regularly it protects effectively against corrosion of metallic surfaces.
  • It dries without leaving a trace. It is not necessary to clean and polish after the detergent has been applied.
  • Extraordinary effectiveness, one single liter of detergent is enough for 5 to 7 washing sessions.
  • It offers brightness to metallic surfaces.
  • It doesn’t contain any acids and it doesn’t attack any surface. (metals, paintings, objects made up of chromium, from plastic, leather, rubber, etc.). It will not etch you clear coat or paint
  • eco friendly

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