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GLOBAL RACING OIL GOBAL GREASE EP-00 is a fluid lithium based grease manufactured with mineral bases and additives of high quality and purity, which improve its properties. It is an EP (extreme pressure) type grease for the lubrication of any mechanism working at high loads and temperatures and that requires a fluid grease of NLGI 00 consistency

GLOBAL GREASE EP-00 has the following properties:

  • Lithium based multi-purpose grease with Extreme Pressure additives protect mechanisms from metal on metal contact
  • High anticorrosive power, high stability to oxidation
  • Good mechanical stability and high resistance to loads
  • Good pumpability
  • General purpose grease used in automotive, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, marine, mining industries
  • Easy portable 5 kg / 2.2 lb mini drum container with convenient handle grip

NLGI: 00           Light Brown

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