Size: 200 liter
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GRO GLOBAL FLEET ECO 15W30 is a conventional oil formulated with superior mineral bases and additives that improve its properties, especially indicated for Diesel engines, turbocharged or not, for long life, in heavy vehicles: trucks, buses, public works machinery, etc. Its use is recommended in very severe conditions and when long life between oil changes is required, as well as in very variable climates. 

GRO GLOBAL FLEET ECO 15W30 has been engineered to have the following properties:

  • Outstanding lubricating power. 
  • High anti-wear properties. 
  • Excellent detergent and dispersing power. 
  • Excellent chemical stability. 
  • Indispensable for variable climates and very severe conditions of use. 
  • Long life between oil changes. 

GRO GLOBAL FLEET ECO 15W30 is not compatible with Diesel engines utilizing ERG (exhaust recirculation gas) valve, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), DFP (Diesel particulate filter) or DEF (Diesel exhaust fluid) systems.

API: CF-4  CH-4

SPECS:  MB 228.3 MAN 3275 MACK EO-N / EO-M Plus MTU Type 2 Volvo VDS-3 Renault RLD-2 Deutz DQC III-10 Cummins CES 20076 / 20077 / 20078 Caterpillar ECF-1a / ECF-2 

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