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GLOBAL RACING OIL GLOBAL COMPLEX LT-2 is a grease from mineral bases and complex lithium soaps with EP (Extreme Pressure) additives. Engineered in the lab and real life tested in the FIA-FIM World Rally-Raid Championship and Dakar Rally, GLOBAL COMPLEX LT-2 is designed for reliable efficient lubrication even in extreme environmental conditions.

GLOBAL COMPLEX LT-2 is specially indicated for the lubrication of

  • bearings subject to high mechanical efforts, high temperatures and the presence of water, like for instance pellet forming machines, automobiles, agricultural machines and public work machines
  • Bearings of ventilators, furnaces and dryers in textile industry, wood industry, plastic and food and beverage industries
  • Bearings of calenders and steam heated cylinders of driers.

GLOBAL COMPLEX LT-2 has the following unique properties:

  • High dropping point allowing high temperature operation, from 200 up to 220 ºC for short periods, and from 150- 160ºC as normal working temperature
  • The special composition and manufacturing process assure a high mechanical stability, maintaining its consistency, structure and adherence including in operational conditions of great effort, in the presence of aggressive factors such as moisture and water vapors
  • Excellent load carrying capacity
  • Suitable for bearings at medium - high speeds (speed factor ndm up to 500.000)
  • High resistance to aging, which avoids degradation of the grease in service even for long intervals of lubrication
  • High protection to the corrosion of the metallic parts
  • High resistance to water

ISO – L – XBGEB 2     blue

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