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GLOBAL RACING OIL GLOBAL ATF VI is a special 100% synthetic base oil for automatic transmissions of the Hydra-Matic type for the new generation of light and heavy vehicles from General Motors, VW Group, Mitsubishi, Honda, BMW, PSA Group, Dodge/Ram/Fiat, Mercedes Benz and other manufacturers requiring Dexron VI specification. GLOBAL ATF VI exceeds the requirements of gearboxes where Dexron II and III fluids were previously recommended.  Global ATF VI has superior performance over previous Dexron II and III formulas with increased friction durability, viscosity stability, anti-foaming  and oxidation resistance translating into improved fuel economy and extended transmission life.

Global ATF VI is supplied in 5 liter / 1.32 gallons jugs which have approximately 1.25 liters or 1/3 gallons more than most domestic brands of automatic transmission fluid.

GM DEXRON DX IID, DX IIIH, DX VI; Ford Mercon SP/LV; ZF-TE-ML 04D/ 05L/ 09/ 11B/ 14A/ 14B/ 14C/ 16L/ 16M/ 20B/ 20C; ALLISON C4-TES 389-TES 295; MB 236,1 - 236,14 - 236,15 - 236,6 - 236,7 - 236,8 - 236,9; CATERPILLAR TO-2; VOITH G 607 - H55.6335.XX - H55.6336.XX ; MITSUBISHI SP III, Toyota WS

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