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GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR TRANS 85W140 o offers the latest protective technology for motorcycle transmissions and pivoting Gimbal bearings. Specially designed for this type of application, this oil offers high performance in all aspects of clutch lubrication and gearboxes.

GEAR TRANS 85W140 contains Extreme Pressure additives absorbing high loads frequent impact in transmission, especially when changing gears, acceleration or deceleration. The extreme strength of its film avoids metal-metal contact with gear teeth. Its high efficiency translates into a reduction in friction, wear and temperature. GEAR TRANS 85W140 has excellent cold temperature fluidity for easy cold shifting and the Extreme Pressure additives for zero shear loss at high temperatures.  Hence a more efficient power transmission and a superior longevity.

GEAR TRANS 85W140 is fully compatible with the submerged clutches present in most motorcycles, thus extending the life of their components.

  • Mineral ester base gear oil for heavy-duty motorcycle transmissions, especially V-Twins
  • Extreme Pressure additives that absorb heavy impact loads during shifting, acceleration or deceleration
  • Extreme film shear resistance prevents metal-to-metal contact of gear teeth
  • Extreme high thermal stability resists ester oil chain rupture and foaming
  • Compatible with wet and dry clutches


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