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GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR TRANS 80W90 offers the latest protective technology for motorcycle transmissions and shaft drives (also known as cardan drives). Specially designed for these applications, it is a high-performance oil in all aspects of clutch and gearbox lubrication.
GEAR TRANS 80W90 contains Extreme Pressure additives that absorb the heavy impact loads that are common in transmission, especially during gear shifting, acceleration and deceleration. The extreme resistance of its film prevents metal-to-metal contact on the gear teeth. Its high power results in less friction, less wear and lower temperature. This means more efficient power transmission and longer life. GEAR TRANS 80W90 is very stable to shear rupture and prevents rapid destruction of additives. It also has an extremely high thermal stability that allows it to resist rupture well and avoid foaming.

GEAR TRANS 80W90 is fully compatible with the submerged clutches found on most motorcycles, extending the life of their components.

  • Full Synthetic ester base gear oil, especially good for modern high performance shaft drive motorcycles
  • Extreme Pressure additives that absorb heavy impact loads during shifting, acceleration or deceleration
  • Extreme film shear resistance prevents metal-to-metal contact of gear teeth
  • High thermal stability resists ester oil chain rupture and foaming
  • Suitable for transmissions with wet clutch or dry clutch.

API GL 4 / GL 5

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