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GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR SYNT 75W90 offers the most advanced technology in lubrication for gears in which the special base oils used and the high technology of additive widely tested, combine to offer an extremely high level of performance and lubricating power

GEAR SYNT 75W90 possesses a high thermal stability and excellent anti-corrosion properties that allows to increase the oil drainage intervals. It also shows a very good fluidity at low temperatures and a high efficiency, so producing a sensible saving in fuel.

GEAR SYNT 75W90 has been formulated with the combination of synthetic based fluids and exclusive additives that do not need viscosity improvers to achieve the desired multigrade, this guarantees the maintenance of the adequate viscosity for lubrication throughout all the fluids lifecycle.

GEAR SYNT 75W90 shows big advantages over conventional oils. Considerable improvement of the gear box and differential efficiencies, as well as a significant saving in fuel (1,9% to 2,3%) on top of a 10% decrease in temperature. Extreme pressure synthetic lubricant for gear boxes, box-bridge combinations and rear differentials of all vehicles when the manufacturer recommends SAE 80, 90 or 80w90. It makes easier the fitting together of speeds, specially in cold conditions. 

API GL4, GL5, MT1 – SAE J2360 – MACK GO-J

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