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GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR SYNT 75W140 LS provides the latest technology in gearboxes lubrication. Formulated with a special base oils and high technology additives, widely tested, that offers high performance and lubricity.

GEAR SYNT SAE 75W140 LS has high thermal stability and antioxidant power that offers longer drain periods. Low carburant consumption due to its high fluidity at low temperatures and efficacy. GEAR SYNT SAE 75W140 LS shows advantages besides other conventional lubricants in the market, improving by far the efficacy of gearboxes and differentials. It supposes an important saving in fuel consumption (from 1,9 to 2,3%) and a reduction of 10% of temperature. Synthetic lubricant suitable for gearboxes, transfer cases, differentials and axels. 

LIMITED SLIP: Especially formulated to be used both in the gearboxes as well as in the other components with limited sliding (inadequately called self-bloking sources). It prevents the phenomenons of transversal sliding

API: GL4, GL5, GL5 LS, MT1 SAE: J2360 MACK: GO-J FORD: WDS-M2C-200-C MB: 235

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