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GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR LUBE 80W90 LS is a lubricant for gearboxes specially developed for lubricating limited slip differentials. GEAR LUBE 80W90 LS can be used in all applications requiring a high degree of extreme pressure properties such as specifically high offset gear and pinion sets. GEAR LUBE 80W90 LS is suitable for efficient lubrication of limited slip differentials of self blocking axles.

GEAR LUBE 80W90 LS reduces considerably noise and vibrations levels which results when pinions and various components of limited slip differentials are engaged at different speeds. GEAR LUBE 80W90 LS gives you the following advantages:

  • Prevents noise and vibrations under intensive use
  • Thanks to its extreme pressure additives it provides maximum protection of very high load gears and gears subject to shocks
  • Excellent compatibility with the disk friction materials
  • Excellent performance with respect to seals 

API GL-4, GL-5 LS, MT1/ SAE J2360/ MACK GO-J

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