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GRO GCC 50% LONG TIME is a high-performance fully organic anti-freeze liquid for all open or closed cooling ciruits. Year-round use, prepared to withstand temperatures of  -35ºCelcius / -31ºFahrenheit, with a boiling point of 127ºC. Contains an anti-foaming agent, an anti-rust agent and a corrosion inhibitor for metals. Contains ethylene glycol.

GRO GCC-50% LONG TIME has been carefully designed with special additives and organic components , in order to avoid residue and sludge formation using both hard and soft water. Protect your cooling system by preventing corrosion, lubricating, and increasing cooling efficiently. GCC-50% LONG TIME presents a high stability at service, extended-life, and an important economy. Specially suitable for aluminium and alloys cooling systems. Certified for 10 years or 100,000 miles for many manufacturers. 

GRO GCC 50% LONG TIME meets UNE 26361.88, UNE 26393 and ASTM D-5345 (Loss of weight: maximum 0,1 mg/cm2 on following materials: Copper, Cast Iron, Steel, Aluminium, brass and weld. Previous dilution is not needed. Otherwise, never use hard or turbid water.

Mercedes Benz DBL 7700, Opel/GM QL 130100, MAN 324, RVI/Renault type D, MB 326.0, PSA B71 5110, Ford WSS-M97B44-C, MACK, CUMMINS 85T8-2, VW TL 774D/G12, VW TL 774F/G12+, MTU 5048, BMW N 600 69.0.

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