Size: 4 liter
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GRO FACTORY 10W50 is a 100% synthetic high performance lubricant based on triester technology. It is designed for 4-stroke engine looking for maximum performance.

GRO FACTORY 10W50 is formulated with exclusive 100% synthetic bases and specially selected additives, recommended for racing and street engines subjected to high stresses and high operating temperatures. Under these conditions, it helps to reduce the internal wear of the various engine components thanks to the protective lubricant film left on each component.

GRO FACTORY 10W50 helps improve performance due to its low viscosity, which directly affects low internal friction, maintaining optimum pressure in the lubrication system. 

We do not recommended FACTORY 10W50 for use on the street with daily riding, but rather we recommend considering GRO RACING 5W40, RACING 10W30 or SMART 10W40 oils.


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