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GLOBAL RACING OIL  GS-III SAE 50 is a monograde engine oil for turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel engines. High detergent and dispersing power. Required for engines working under severe load and temperature conditions (Transport, Public Works Machinery, Agriculture, Marine Engines and Static Engines).

GS-III SAE 50 is also suitable for hydraulic circuits and for transmissions with torque converters

GS-III SAE 50 has the following advantages:

  • Very low ash content
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent detergency and dispersion that ensures a perfect cleaning of the engine
  • It prevents cylinder sleeve deterioration
  • It reduces wear, sludge formation and extends drain period
  • indicated where ambient temperature is above 26º Celsius / 80 ºFahrenheit

For Diesel engines without ERG (exhaust gas recirculation), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), DFP (diesel particulate filter) or DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) systems.

API CF2/SF; TO-2; Allison C3

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