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GLOBAL RACING OIL CONTACT CLEANER is a high pressure spray designed to clean and degrease all surfaces. This product dries rapidly and does not leave any traces, which makes it ideal for electric contacts, spark plugs, carburetor components, etc., but also for plastic surfaces. 

CONTACT CLEANER is an excellent dispersant and it can be used to clean oily surfaces, as well as soot remover.

CONTACT CLEANER is recommended to clean the following elements:

  • Ignition, magnet contacts and dirty spark plugs
  • Electrical contacts and other delicate metal and plastic components.
  • Carburetors and its components
  • Internal components of engines
  • Brake rotors, drums and calipers
  • Cleaning and machine tools
  • Tanks, wings, etc.

CONTACT CLEANER is residue free and drys rapidly; will not etch most clear coat painted surfaces nor decals. Avoid spraying on monitor screens, keyboards and adhesives

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