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GLOBAL RACING OIL CHAIN CLEANER is a chain degreaser cleaner Powerful and effective degreaser that removes dirt (dust, sand, soil, oil and grease). Specially developed to clean all types of metal surfaces, especially O-Ring, X-Ring or Z-Ring drive chains, with or without seals, of motorbikes or machinery.

CHAIN CLEANER is formulated with a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbons. Colourless, transparent and odourless product. Formulated to evaporate quickly without leaving any residue. Application:

  • Spray onto the surface to be cleaned and allow to dry.
  • If the chain/surface is very dirty, wipe with a non-abrasive brush or paintbrush and spray again
  • Subsequently grease the chain with CHAIN LUBE (off-road) or CHAIN LUBE DRY (on-road)
  • To extend the life of the chain,it is recommended to repeat this operation every 1,000km. 

500 ml spray

Technical Data Sheet

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