GRO Performance Lubrication Wins With MotoAmerica In 2023

GRO Performance Lubrication products demonstrated reliability and high performance with MotoAmerica in 2023.

Avery Dreher leads at New Jersey Motorsports Park - MotoAmerica NJMP 2023

GRO USA sponsored athlete Avery Dreher is the 2023 MotoAmerica Junior Cup Champion. The 17- year old Rockledge, Florida native had a breakout year with podium finishes in 8 out of 10 Junior Cup races (including 6 wins) aboard his Kawasaki Ninja 400. Dreher successfully secured his first MotoAmerica championship at the conclusion of race 10 in Pittsburg besting out the second-place finisher, Rossi Moor, by 43 points.

 Avery Dreher MotoAmerica NJMP 2023 Podium Interview

In the MotoAmerica 2023 Daytona 200, Squid Hunter Racing and rider Joshua Hayes brought their GRO lubricated Yamaha R6 to a photo finish nail biting second place with a time gap of 0.070 seconds.

Squid Hunter Racing Joshua Hayes 2023 MotoAmerica Daytona 200

“Honestly, I had some pace in the infield and in the second and third sectors I was just hanging on,” Hayes said. “I needed them to be able to do it. Two or three laps there, and maybe consecutive, I think I got two where they would get somebody on the entrance to the chicane, and I couldn’t get in the position to do it. So, I’d have to follow a few people through and then I was just kind of hung out there on my own. It was a gap of what you can see in the tri-oval. They were going into one and I was still coming into the tri-oval. I pushed as hard as I could for a while, and I could see I was kind of maintaining. I did the pit stop and came back out and I was kind of in the same position. I might have lost a second to them, but I was relatively in the same position. I fought, and fought, and fought. I finally got what the gap was behind me. I kind of settled in and then I saw Richie (Escalante) on the ground and saw P2. I said, ‘Well, I’m just going to kind of bring her home clean right now.’ Actually, it kind of worked in my favor because I took it pretty easy on the tire at that point, which ended up giving me some tire at the end.”

 MotoAmerica 2023 Daytona 200 Finish

 Photos by Mark Matson Photography: