GRO moments at the Dakar 2022

GRO moments at the Dakar 2022

The countdown to the Dakar Rally 2022 has begun. Only four days to go until the end of the 44th edition of the world’s toughest rally, and the GRO riders are still braving the desert:!

Daniel Nosiglia #54: “I feel very comfortable on stages with few dunes and a lot of fast tracks. I’m happy, I made few mistakes. We have to stay focused like this”.

Santi Navarro #314: “We are doing well. We will try to control. Now come the two hardest stages of the Dakar. It could be an opportunity”.

Marc Solà #314: We hope that these next stages will be difficult in navigation where you can fail and we can play with the speed and we can cut minutes to the competitors in front”.

Joan Pedrero #17: “The bike is working perfectly and the team is unbeatable. Very flat stages like some of the ones we’ve had don’t suit me because, as I’m very big, I can’t fit in very well and I lose out on the rest. I’m better on technical and navigation stages”.

Marc Calmet #108: “We had faster stages than usual, although almost all of this year’s stages are faster than usual. The navigation was relatively easy. I’m satisfied because I didn’t make any mistakes and physically I feel very good”. .